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Hearty greetings from KTG family!

It takes us immense pleasure to welcome you to our website of S.V. Sunrise English Primary School (C.B.S.E.) which provides you an insight into the journey that we have undertaken in providing quality education. The main mission of S.V. Sunrise English Primary School (C.B.S.E.) is to provide holistic education that caters to the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain of the pupils. We at S.V. Sunrise English Primary School (C.B.S.E.) believe in student-centered teaching and our teachers are the facilitators for the student’s academic pursuit. We help the students in identifying and nurturing their innate talent and skill for their future career. Our ideals are based on Vivekananda’s quote

Education is not just mere assimilation of knowledge but also man-making and character building. We assure that these steps enable every prospective student to excel and serve in their chosen field.






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About KTG group of institutions

K.T.G. Educational Trust & its Institutions was established during the year 1991. Smt.G.Anuradha Educational Trust was Established & Registered during the year 1998 and The National Women Empowerment Academy was Established & Registered during the yer 2002. The Trustees are pioneers in the educational field with excellent track record of imparting quality education for more than 22 years and earned good reputation for giving quality education and for maintaining high standards not only in Schools but also in professional courses in Nursing & Physiotherapy Education Stage by Stage starting the Courses like G.N.M., B.Sc.Nursing, P.C.B.Sc Nursing, M.Sc Nursing, B.P.T., courses.

The successful candidates of these Institutions are also placed in various professions in India and Abroad. Presently we are also running S.V. Sunrise CBSE English School (K.T.G. Global Public school) to provide quality education in a holistic approach.

We would like to have you as our student in our Institution and you will find people over here who will help you to fulfill your dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

K T Govinde Gowda, B.Com, L.L.B.


Smt.G.Anuradha, B.Sc,


+91 - 98450-51023

Resi : 080 - 2320 3954

Salient features of our school

  • Synchronised course plan for board studies and competitive examination preparation simultaneously
  • Best infrastructure & multimedia classes
  • Experienced and highly qualified teachers
  • Seminars, workshops and orientation programme arranged from the best resource person in the profession
  • Planned microteaching schedule and exposure to multiconceptual questions
  • Faculties who are skilled enough to tackle the C.B.S.E curriculum
  • Continuous comprehensive evaluation implemented
  • Instilling the ability of self-learning and problem solving skills
  • Spacious classroom
  • Well equipped library
  • Well equipped and spacious labs
  • Serene and calm atmosphere for building a healthy mind, body and soul