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At present the world has witnessed rapid changes, our cultures, habits and concepts have been redefined and remodified. There has been a tremendous growth in all the fields across the globe. This has led to a demand for skilled, dynamic and qualified professionals worldwide for which the importance of good education and academics is a prerequisite at present. Educated and qualified people with wisdom are the need of the hour.

At S.V. Sunrise Primary English school (K.T.G. Global Public School), we coach our students to face the harsh realities and challenges of life, we are sure our training enables our students to stand apart from the crowd. The ambience of the school campus and its infrastructure stimulates students to engage in acquiring a thirst for knowledge.

We believes in holistic development of our students, ample opportunities are provided to develop and exhibit various talents apart from academics. Sports and cultural activities are part of the school curriculum. Faculties possess high credentials of good teaching and motivate students academically apart from mentoring and guiding them.

Come, join our school and experience the joy of learning and growing together.

Smt. Sushma Dileep,

Chief Executive Officer.