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S.V. Sunrise English Primary School, affiliated to the Central Board for Secondary Education, New Delhi, was established with a vision and mission to provide quality education to students through innovative concepts and methodologies prescribed by the board. Within a short span of time, the school has established itself as one of the prestigious public schools providing global education in Bangalore.

There is an amalgamation of traditional and modern teaching methodology for imparting an ideal education. Our students are trained to face global challenges, and counseled to develop a deeply patriotic nature from childhood. It is a matter of immense pride for us that our student represents an emotionally intelligent global Indian and is armed with cognitive, affective and psychomotor development.

The classrooms at S.V. Sunrise English Primary School have a resplendent atmosphere; the students and the teachers brim with enthusiasm and energy. Every teacher goes beyond academics and directs the energy of the students towards constructive activities. Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach to the learning process makes the classroom experience not only different but also inspiring and motivating.

A hearty welcome to our serene campus S.V. Sunrise English Primary School– C.B.S.E., in the heart of Bangalore city.

Smt. G. Anuradha, B.Sc

Secretary, KTG Educational Trust.